Police Officer Involved in Wrong-Way Crash - Instagram Photos Evidence of Drunk Driving

According to a recent news report from NBC, New York City police officers are investigating a wrong-way crash involving a car driven by an off-duty New Jersey police officer.

broken-phone-1438992-m.jpgAuthorities alleged three off-duty police officers from New Jersey were driving on a highway in New York City after leaving a strip club. NYPD says the officer behind the wheel was driving the wrong way down a highway when he crashed into a tractor-trailer driving in the correct direction. There were two other off-duty officers a former county employee in the car and when it hit the truck.

One officer in the car was killed, along with the former county employee - both passengers in alleged at-fault driver's car. Two other police officers in the car were critically injured in the accident. The truck driver was also injured in this car accident. The extent of his injuries is not known, but authorities say they are not believed to be life-threatening.

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Mom Arrested in East Boston - Allegedly Hit Pedestrian with Kids in Car

According to a recent news report from WCBV 5, Boston police officers arrested a 37-year-old woman for after allegedly hitting a pedestrian. Authorities say she was operating a motor vehicle under the influence of intoxicating liquor (OUI), and her children were in her car at the time of her arrest. Prosecutors filed eight total charges against defendant.

shot-glass-1032719-m.jpgWitnesses say, after police pulled defendant over, she sat in her car drinking from a mini bottle of vodka. Police reportedly found six miniature bottles of vodka and empty Red Bull cans in her car at the time of her arrest. She also allegedly had her two children, ages six years and six months, in her minivan at time of the suspected drunk driving accident involving a pedestrian.

The civilian who initially called 911 said this was the craziest thing she had ever seen. She described defendant weaving along the roadway in East Boston before hitting a 62-year-old woman who was on the sidewalk. After hitting victim, the minivan kept moving and dragged victim toward a military vehicle parked at an auto repair shop. The victim was pinned underneath the military vehicle as the minivan kept going, until it finally came to a stop after hitting a tree.

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Massachusetts Man Arrested for DUI - Allegedly Hit Cruiser

One of the most dangerous parts of any police officer or state trooper's job is conducting traffic stops. While there is always the fear someone in suspect's car may be armed and dangerous, the mere act of standing on the side of road is often the most dangerous aspect of a traffic stop.

police-on-the-scene-1172422-m.jpgAccording to a recent news article from My Fox Boston, a Milton police officer was responding to a roadside emergency along with firefighters when any officer's worst fears was almost realized. Alleged drunk driver sped by, hitting a police cruiser, and nearly hitting an officer, one firefighter, and a civilian motorist.

The 19-year-old suspect from Farmington, Massachusetts was driving a 1994 Nissan Sentra when he allegedly reached the temporary roadblock officers had set up to deal with downed power lines and did not slow down. He is said to have blown through the closed road and hit the officer's car. Following the alleged Massachusetts driving accident, officers conducted an investigation and questioned defendant. Authorities suspected driver to be operating a motor vehicle under the influence (OUI) of intoxicating liquor or drugs and placed suspect under arrest for alcohol-related criminal traffic charges, including OUI and reckless driving. Officers than transported suspect to their police station, where he was later released on $5,000 personal recognizance. He is scheduled to be arraigned later this month.

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Jersey City Council Member Allegedly Involved in Multi-vehicle Drunk Driving Crash

According to a recent news article from NJ.com, Jersey City council member Khermhah "Chico" Ramchal was arrested and charged with alcohol-related offenses after he was allegedly involved in an early morning three-vehicle car crash.

921217_crashed_car.jpgAuthorities say the 39-year-old politician was driving on the southbound side of West Side Avenue in a late model Ford Explorer when he crashed into a taxicab traveling westbound on an intersecting street. After he allegedly hit the taxicab, the victim's vehicle lost control and hit a second victim's car, according to witness reports.

After conducting several witness interviews and a preliminary investigation, police believe the council member ran a red light and blew through the intersection when he "t-boned" the taxicab, causing it to spin out of control and into the second victim's vehicle. Police also say the council member had been at a catered event as part of a St. Patrick's Day celebration the night before the early morning accident.

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Secret Service Agents Alleged to Have Driven Drunk During White House Bomb Threat

According to a recent news report from the Washington Post, a woman is alleged to have driven up to a security gate at the White House, and, while exiting the car, said she had a bomb and placed a package on the ground. Police say she then got back in her car and tried to drive away from pursuing members of the Uniformed Division of the Secret Service.

white-house-washington-dc-november-2006-658257-m.jpgThe United States has Secret Service Special Agents, with whom we are all familiar and whose responsibilities include guarding the President and other public officials, and it also has a Uniformed Division (SSUD). The Uniformed Division of the Secret Service consists of police officers who guard facilities and embassies while driving around the city on bicycles and in marked squad cars. These officers are not Special Agents, but they have arrest powers similar to members of other police forces.

Members of the SSUD attempted to stop suspect, when she hit them with her car before fleeing the scene. At this point, bomb disposal teams, SSUD personal, and other first responders blocked off the scene and attempted to inspect the suspicious package. At this point, two high level Special Agents, one of whom is on President Obama's personal security detail, arrived at the scene after coming from a local bar in what SSUD officers believed to be an intoxicated state. They drove through the police tape and, according to some witnesses, actually drove over the suspicious package, while other witnesses say they only drove very close to the package. SSUD officers attempted to administer standardized field sobriety tests to the two agents but were ordered to released the men and let them go home without submitting to any testing.

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Suspected Drunk Driver Hands Police McDonald's Gift Card

While there is nothing funny about drunk driving, as it is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths each year and many more cases of serious personal injury, some of the interactions police have with alleged drunk drivers inevitably illicit a chuckle.

french-fries-289351-m.jpgAccording to a recent news article from Cleveland.com, police pulled over a driver for weaving across marked lanes. When the officer approached the car, he said he smelled an odor of marijuana and saw vomit on the ground. The driver who allegedly smelled heavily of alcohol and was slurring his speech, first denied drinking, but then admitted to consuming several mixed drinks and beers. He is reported to have told officers he was coming from a party and looking for his girlfriend.

When the officer asked the alleged drunk driver for his license, the driver first handed the officer a card. When the officer looked at the card and asked the suspect why he handed him a McDonald's gift card, the suspect responded "Oops, I'll take that," and grabbed the card back from the officer.

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Troopers: Man Steals CHP Vehicle During Drunk Driving Arrest

According to a recent article from the LA Times, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers were responding to a suspected drunk driving related car accident when the suspect allegedly stole their police vehicle.

PoliceLights.jpgAuthorities say they responded to a report of a crash on Interstate 15. The driver of a Ford Focus had allegedly crashed into a truck's trailer at what they estimate was a very high rate of speed.

After arriving on scene, a responding trooper called a tow truck. A trooper handcuffed defendant and put him in the right front passenger seat of the police car. It is actually a common practice to place a suspect in the front seat if the vehicle does not have a transport cage in the rear. Authorities will typically call for a transport vehicle to take suspects to the station.

While troopers were speaking with the tow truck operator, defendant apparently was able to put his legs through his arms, getting his cuffed hands to the front of his body. He then allegedly fled the scene of the drunk driving car accident in the police car. When officers saw this, they jumped in the tow truck and told the driver to follow their police cruiser.

At this point, suspect is said to have left the highway at the next exit and turned down a dirt road before slamming into a boulder. The driver then exited the cruiser and fled on foot into an area of heavy brush. Law enforcement dispatched an air unit to locate suspect, who was quickly found and taken into custody without any further trouble.

Prosecutors charged suspect with drunk driving, resisting arrest, and auto theft.

It should be noted nobody was reported as being injured in the initial drunk driving car accident or the alleged car chase involving a stolen trooper car.

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Braintree Police Accuse Man of Texting While Drunk Driving

There is no question driving a car while intoxicated can lead to a serious accident. There is also no question distracted driving, such as a reading or sending text messages, can also lead to a major car accident. According to a recent news article from the Braintree Patch, police arrested a man who was allegedly texting while driving drunk.

1377498_smart_phone_icon.jpgAuthorities say they saw defendant driving his vehicle toward Holbrook just after midnight. He was allegedly driving in excess of 30 mph over the posted speed limit before stopping at a red traffic signal. His vehicle did not move for about 30 seconds after the traffic light changed to green. When police pulled defendant over, they reportedly observed driver to have glassy and bloodshot eyes. He was pulled over because, as police say, he almost swerved into a large snowbank.

Defendant supposedly admitted to officers he was texting on his phone and was on his way home from work. He allegedly also told arresting officers he consumed two alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel.

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Former Porn Star Asia Carrera Arrested for Drunk Driving

According to a recent news report from TMZ, Utah police arrested former porn star Asia Carrera for drunk driving with her minor daughter in her car. Witnesses say they found Carrera passed out on a couch in her daughter's school.

12754_hand_cuffs.jpgPolice arrived and woke Carrera, who is alleged to have had a strong odor of alcoholic beverages. She supposedly admitted to drunk driving with her daughter in the car and took police to see her car.

Police then attempted to administer several standardized field sobriety tests, and she allegedly fell down during the walking phase of one test. Police administered a breath test, and they alleged she blew a 0.245, which is well over the legal limit of 0.08 grams of alcohol per hundred milliliters of blood. Police charged Carrera with driving under the influence (DUI) of intoxicating liquor with a minor. She was released on her personal recognizance later that day.

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Alleged Drunk Driving Accident in Massachusetts Injures Five

Liability insurance not only covers injuries to victims in other car, but also can be used to compensate injured passengers in at-fault driver's car. However, there is sometimes not enough coverage on a single policy to cover the full extent of all injuries.

cash-money-notes-1-1384590-m.jpgAuto insurance liability insurance in Massachusetts has policy limits broken down into the three categories. A policy will have separate limits for a single injury, total injuries per accident, and property damage resulting from the accident. Some people have the state minimum insurance, while other people will have insurance well above the state mandatory minimums.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the state requires minimum coverage $20,000 per injury, $40,000 per accident, and $5,000 in personal property of others coverage. Boston drunk driving accident lawyers typically express these figures as 20/40/5. When you are riding the T and see a poster for a company advertising cheap insurance with state minimum coverage, they are talking about 20/40/5.

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Alleged Drunk Driver Runs off I-93 Overpass in Boston

According to a recent news report from NECN, a driver drove his truck off the upper deck of Interstate 93 in Boston and landed on the lower deck. Incredibly, he survived.

dallas-highway-clover-leaf-782572-m.jpgPolice say the 33-year-old defendant has been arrested for drunk driving. Surveillance footage shows defendant allegedly hitting a light pole, exit sign, and a section of fence before he "launched" off the upper roadway surface and landed on the lower deck in the southbound lane.

First responders pulled defendant from the wreckage and took him to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston. After a preliminary investigation, police issued a summons for defendant to appear in Boston district court to face charges for drunk driving.

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Alleged Drugged Driver Rolls SUV and Crushes Pedestrian

When we think of driving under the influence (DUI), we normally think of someone under the influence of alcohol. However, the typical charge in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is called operating a motor vehicle under the influence (OUI) of intoxicating liquor or drugs. This is because driving while on drugs is just as dangerous as drunk driving and is treated the same way in a civil car accident lawsuit.

pills-1213599-m.jpgTo understand the dangers of driving while on drugs, we can look at recent horrific car crash involving a pedestrian death in Washington, DC. According to a recent news article from Fox, a man was driving his SUV when he allegedly sideswiped several vehicles and rear-ended another vehicle before fleeing the scene of the accident.

After fleeing the scene, he allegedly ran into a traffic light pole, which hit a building. He then lost control of his vehicle near the Government Accounting Office (GAO) building and rolled over, landing on a pedestrian and killing him. The car also hit another person in its path, causing serious personal injury.

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Actor Anthony Mackie Convicted of Drunk Driving

Actor Anthony Mackie, who is best known for roles in "Captain America: Winter Soldier", "Eight Mile" and "The Hurt Locker" was recently convicted of driving under the influence according to a recent report from New York Daily News.

film-clapperboard-1434553-m.jpgAuthorities say Mackie opted to have a bench trial (judge rather an jury decides the verdict) and was convicted by the court of drunk driving after one day of trial. Three NYPD officers testified for the prosecutor. Mackie exercised his right not to testify at trial.

Witnesses say Mackie shook his head with disappointment as the court read its verdict. His lawyer had argued police testimony was not credible and his client was not intoxicated when driving his vehicle during his 2013 arrest. He further argued prosecutors had not met their burden of proof that Mackie was driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.

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Police Arrest Two Men for "Icing" the Road after Drunk Driving Crash

According to a recent news report from the Daily Record, New Jersey police arrested two men who were involved in an alleged drunk driving car accident, which they later attempted to cover up. Authorities say one of the two men crashed his BMW earlier in the night after running a stop sign and hitting a guard rail on the opposite side of the road from which he was driving.

ice-frozen-river-1438623-m.jpgAfter crashing his car, suspect allegedly drove the heavily damaged vehicle home. It belonged to a family member. He then returned to the scene of the accident with another man who police also arrested that night. When officers arrived, they found two men walking in the intersection just before 3:00. Driver was not wearing a shirt. He supposedly told officers his shirt got wet, so he had removed it. The temperature that night was one degree with a severe wind chill.

Police found two mostly-empty five-gallon buckets of water in the backseat of their vehicle. Police say defendants had poured nearly all of the water onto the intersection to create black ice on the road surface, so this would be blamed as the cause of his earlier accident rather than being intoxicated.

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Amherst Police Arrest Two UMass Students for Drunk Driving

It should come as no surprise that college students tend to drink more heavily and more often than older Americans. With increased drinking also comes increased risk - not only risk with their own safety, but risk involving the safety of others.

college-campus-1385162-m.jpgAccording to a recent news article from Mass Live, Amherst police arrested two students for drunk driving (one involving a car accident) in the same night. The first arrested occurred just after 1 a.m. Defendant in this case is alleged to have been driving drunk when he crashed his car into a snow bank and then hit a utility pole. Luckily, in this case, nobody was injured.

However, as one can imagine, driving a car while intoxicated on an icy road could lead to serious personal injury. Even in many single car crashes, innocent victims are often injured. This could be a passenger in the car or a pedestrian.

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