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It’s been more than two months since the MGM National Harbor Casino – the first in the D.C. metro area – opened for business, following a private, black-tie opening night. It features many of the same amenities as similar operations in Las Vegas, though nothing quite like it has been built outside of that region. It’s a first for the Washington, D.C. metro area. The $1.4 billion casino was built by the same company that owns the Bellagio.

But all this prestige could not shield it from the news that a DUI arrest involved one of its opening night patrons – the head of the liquor commission.happyhour
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There is no question that this primary season has taken a different turn than any in recent memory.  Between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and members of both parties constantly making allegations against the other, there is no shortage of negative press on all sides.  One thing that Clinton probably wasn’t thrilled to see was that her brother-in-law, Roger Clinton, was again arrested, and this time it was for drunk driving in California.

shot-glass-1032719-mAccording to a recent news article from CNN, Roger Clinton was arrested over the weekend in Redondo Beach, California for driving under the influence of alcohol.  This arrest occurred just days before the California primary in which she was still in a battle with Sanders, who has pledged to take his fight to the convention. Continue reading

There are currently many companies working to develop a self-driving or driverless car these days.  Some companies like Tesla are working to create not only the self-driving software and hardware, but also the car itself.  Supposedly, they will soon be offering a free trial of a software package that allows their already existing fully electric cars to become a self-driving vehicle.

shot-glass-1032719-mOther companies such as Google are working to develop the self-driving systems and then want to license or sell their technology to car companies, since the company is not interested in designing the vehicles themselves.  Knowing the past track record of Google products, it is likely they will be successful.  Continue reading

According to a recent news article from CBS Boston, a woman who was once honored as middle school principal of the year in Dedham has been fired after her arrest for alleged drinking and driving.

mhiFu4IAuthorities say the Dedham middle school teacher was driving her car very early Sunday morning, when an officer from Waltham ended up behind her car.  He noticed that she was weaving on the road and making what he called erratic movements not expected of a sober driver.  He then watched as she pulled into a nearby parking lot. Continue reading

An appeals court in Ohio has ruled that a strip club may not be held legally responsible for the severe injuries suffered by a third party when one of its dancers drove home from work intoxicated. dancer

Customers at the club routinely purchase drinks for the dancers, who are allowed to drink alcohol while on-the-clock. One of the dancers apparently drank too much before getting into her vehicle to drive home after her shift. She crashed her car on the way back, causing severe injuries to another woman.

At trial, jurors overseeing the dram shop act case held the club liable to pay $1.43 million of a $2.85 million damage award for the injured woman. However, the Second District Court of Appeal reversed, finding in Johnson v. Montgomery that the state’s dram shop law is not applicable to the employee in this case.  That’s because Ohio’s dram shop law only allows an alcohol vendor to be held liable for injuries caused after service of alcohol to either a minor or someone who is visibly intoxicated. The trial court should have accepted the strip club’s request for a directed verdict before the case went to the jury.  Continue reading

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