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According to a recent news article from, a man was just arrested in the greater Boston area after allegedly crashing his car.  When the police ran his driving record and arrest history through the computer on the cruiser, they saw that he allegedly had 18 prior offenses for drunk driving.

Boston drunk driving crashIn this particular accident, authorities say the defendant crashed his motor vehicle into a utility pole.  The 58-year-old man was driving his 2005 Toyota Scion at around 8 p.m. when the crash occurred, and the reason for the crash was that he failed to handle a curve in the road and allegedly left the road surface and crashed into the large utility pole.  Continue reading

In some cases, a person realizes they are too drunk to safety drive home, but they have no place else to go.  In some cases, the intoxicated person will try to “sleep it off” in their car. In other cases, a person will try to drive home and realize they can’t make it home safely, and they will pull over and then try to sleep. In other cases still, some drivers will simply fall asleep behind the wheel.  This can happen while driver is stopped at a traffic light, or while the car is in motion.  Both of these examples can result in a drunk driving car crash with serious personal injury or death.

Boston DUI Accident LawyerWhat many people may not realize is that when you stop your car and fall asleep while the car is in a travel lane, or otherwise obstructing traffic, this is drunk driving, and you would be responsible for any personal injury that results from a car accident involving your car, assuming the location of your car caused the accident.  Many people also do not realize you can get arrested for drunk driving even if you are asleep when the police arrive, so long as you are in physical control of the car at the time. Continue reading

According to a recent news feature from Yahoo Sports, Texas Rangers relief pitcher, Jeremy Jeffress, was arrested for drunk driving last Friday, and authorities have said he allegedly urinated on himself during the incident.

dJCgskAuthorities say the arrest occurred around two in the morning in the Uptown neighborhood of the city.   The police initiated the stop after he allegedly changed lanes without using a turn signal and nearly hit a police cruiser. When officers approached his car and looked inside, they allege that they immediately detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage and that his eyes were bloodshot, glassy, and watery.  He allegedly told officers that he had three or four drinks of Hennessey and coke. Continue reading

According to a recent news feature from the Gothamist, a New York Police Department (NYPD) Officer was driving his personal vehicle allegedly while drunk while off-duty when he ran onto the sidewalk and plowed into a group of pedestrians.  In total, the officer allegedly hit four people in total.

sig-40-and-badge-158060-m-300x225Authorities say the officer, 28-years-old, was driving his SUV when he hit the two male and two female pedestrians who were walking on the sidewalk at the time of this tragic drunk driving accident. According to a man who was working at a grocery store across the street from where the crash occurred, the driver was trying to back out of the area, but ended up crashing further into a building next to the where the pedestrians were. Continue reading

A 51-year-old from Rhode Island had seven prior convictions for driving under the influence in that state. As a result, judges there had ordered his driver’s license permanently revoked for the rest of his life.driving9

Yet not long after, he obtained a valid driver’s license in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Although it was later suspended, that still didn’t stop him from getting behind the wheel drunk and racking up his eighth DUI arrest, the last one in Northampton, MA.

How could this happen? After all, many states have statutes that allow prior DUI convictions that occur out-of-state to be considered in penalties elsewhere. Massachusetts does too, but here’s the trouble: The Commonwealth is one of just five states that does not participate in the Drivers License CompactContinue reading

Massachusetts DUI charges have been lodged against a one-time “Principle of the Year,” who is at the helm of a middle school.sad2

The arrest has made national news, and the accused has been placed on administrative leave by the superintendent at Dedham.

She was reportedly stopped by police one weekend night in early April and accused of driving impaired. She had not been involved in a DUI accident and there were no injuries reported.  It appears though authorities may have stopped her just in time. An off-duty officer in Weston alleged he spotted the suspect driving “all over the road” along Interstate 95. He said he watched as she nearly crashed her vehicle four different times. He followed her and called 911.  Continue reading

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