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According to a recent feature from Sports Illustrated, Troy Flutie has been charged with drunk driving.  Flutie, the nephew of former Boston College star player and NFL pro Doug Flutie, is also a member of the school’s football team – or at least was until his recent suspension.

dJCgskAuthorities have said the 20-year-old college athlete was placed under arrest after he was involved in motor vehicle crash that they allege to have been caused by Flutie’s operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.  He was also charged with possession of an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, and being in possession of alcohol while underage, as he is not yet 21-years-old. Continue reading

This is the time of year when schools are holding their proms, and students are out on the roads more than they have been in past months.  Aside from the many new teens getting their drivers’ licenses, the days are longer, and the weather is nicer, so, in addition to the increase in the number of teens on the roads, we are seeing more drunk driving accidents, and many of these accidents result in serious injury or even death.

mWypFbU-300x224According to a recent news feature from CBS Local Boston, local police and firefighters held a drunk driving accident demonstration at Burlington High School.  This drunk driving crash demonstration took place at the school three days prior to prom night. Continue reading

There is no question that when a person drinks to the point of intoxication and gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, he or she is acting in a negligent manner.  This means that he or she is acting in a such a way that shows a disregard for the safety of others, and could cause foreseeable injury to persons or property.  That is the definition of negligence in a personal injury case (including car accident lawsuits) in the Commonwealth.drivefastsaab

In many cases, a person will exercise bad judgment when they drink and then get behind the wheel, and while they will be completely liable for any personal injury or death that results from this negligent action, it does not necessarily mean that the driver is alcoholic.  Sometimes people just make mistakes, and sometimes they have to pay for those mistakes. Continue reading

An appeals court in Ohio has ruled that a strip club may not be held legally responsible for the severe injuries suffered by a third party when one of its dancers drove home from work intoxicated. dancer

Customers at the club routinely purchase drinks for the dancers, who are allowed to drink alcohol while on-the-clock. One of the dancers apparently drank too much before getting into her vehicle to drive home after her shift. She crashed her car on the way back, causing severe injuries to another woman.

At trial, jurors overseeing the dram shop act case held the club liable to pay $1.43 million of a $2.85 million damage award for the injured woman. However, the Second District Court of Appeal reversed, finding in Johnson v. Montgomery that the state’s dram shop law is not applicable to the employee in this case.  That’s because Ohio’s dram shop law only allows an alcohol vendor to be held liable for injuries caused after service of alcohol to either a minor or someone who is visibly intoxicated. The trial court should have accepted the strip club’s request for a directed verdict before the case went to the jury.  Continue reading

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