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According to a recent news report from the Boston Globe, a total of six people were injured in what is alleged to be a drunk driving crash that occurred in Bourne, Massachusetts. Authorities believe that there were several factors that led to five of the six victims being severely injured, including alcohol, speeding, and inclement weather. Police also alleged the 18-year-old at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of what they are classifying as a mass casualty accident.

mmsIFfoWitnesses say a Toyota Camry containing five, underage male occupants from the town of Sandwich, Massachusetts was traveling at a speed that was not safe for the snowy weather.  As they were driving down Route 6, police believe the driver of the Camry lost control of his vehicle while trying to navigate a sharp turn.  At this point, he crossed over into the lane of oncoming traffic and crashed into a Toyota Corolla.    Continue reading

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