Woman with No Pants Arrested for Drunk Driving

According to a recent news article from Fox 25 News Boston, a woman was recently arrested for drunk driving with not pants.  Authorities have said they noticed a car was driving in an erratic manner and initiated a traffic stop.

driving9The first thing the officer noticed was the woman was allegedly not wearing any pants or underwear.  This was all captured on the cruiser’s dash cam, which was operating at the time of her arrest.  After she noticed she was not wearing any pants, she asked her if she had been drinking any alcoholic beverages that night.  Her alleged response was that she had been drinking too much, and she should take her to jail already.  He asked her to put her pants back on, which she happened to have with her in the car.

The officer who had effectuated the traffic stop was female and told the 19-year-old driver that she had called for another officer and that was a male officer that would be arriving, and she probably wanted to put her clothes on before that officer arrived.  She said she did not want the suspect to be exposed.

At this point, the suspect put her pants on and was placed under arrest for suspicion of drunk driving.  When they placed her in the car for transit to the police station to be booked and processed, they noticed another car that was driving in an erratic manner and effectuated yet another traffic stop. Much to the officers’ surprise, this second car contained another intoxicated woman who was driving around without any pants. It should be noted that both women have not been convicted of drunk driving as of this time and are both presumed innocent unless and until they are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a judge or jury in a court of law.

While these two incidents obviously have some humor involved, which is the reason they covered by news agencies across the country, as our Boston drunk driving accident lawyers have seen, any time a driver gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle after drinking, it could result in serious personal injury or even death.

When someone drinks and gets behinds the wheel, they are not thinking that they will get into a serious accident in which they or someone else could be hurt, but the reason for that is because they are not likely thinking properly at all due the effects of alcohol.

As many studies have shown, driving is considered a divided attention task.  This means that driver must be able to pay attention to many things at the same time to properly and safely drive a vehicle.  Even when someone is sober, they may get distracted, and this could result in a serious car accident, but when they are drunk, the chances of having a serious car accident are much higher.   Not only is one’s mental concentration affected, but also their reaction time and their gross and fine motor control necessary to manipulate the controls of a car.

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