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According to a recent news feature from the Detroit Free Press, a 62-year-old man from Texas was just sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of his tenth drunk driving offense. Prosecutors say defendant was first convicted in the 1980s and has clearly not learned his lesson, as he was convicted nine additional times, including this most recent conviction resulting in a life sentence.

prison-1431136-mThe man will be eligible for parole under state law in fifteen years, meaning that he would be at least 77 years old if he is ever released from state prison.   During his sentencing, the judge noted that he has 12 drunk driving arrests on his criminal record with ten of them resulting in a DWI or DUI conviction.   The judge said he was giving defendant a life sentence, so he would be in a place that he is unable to drive for as long as possible under the law. It should be noted that more states are moving to a truth in sentencing system where a person would not be eligible for parole in fifteen years on a life sentence. Continue reading

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