Officials Work to Keep Young Drivers from Drinking, Protecting Victims’ Rights

You’ve got to be 21-years-old to legally consume alcohol. It wasn’t always that way and some are trying to get the age lowered back down to 18-years-old. The 21 Law, is now celebrating its 28th anniversary. Officials say that more than 25,000 lives have been spared since the passing of it.
Some say that if you’re able to go to war, then you should be able to drink a cold one. Others say that we should follow in the footsteps of the Europeans and lower it to 18 because they have fewer alcohol-related problems. Both of these sentiments do nothing to help to reduce the risks of drunk driving car accidents in Boston or elsewhere.

The age limit is 21 because a number of studies have proven that ages younger than that have a tough time handling alcohol. It’s been proven that younger drinkers have a tough time knowing when to quit and are more likely to binge drink than adults, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Enforcing the legal drinking age of 21-years-old helps to reduce the risks of car accidents, helps to protect the growing minds of our younger population and helps to keep our roads safer for everyone.

Car accidents continue to be the leading cause of death for teens in the United States. About a third of the drivers who are killed in car accidents were under the influence at the time of the accident. These kinds of accidents can be prevented with just a little bit of education and awareness and parents are some of the most effective people to do just that!

To help to push this even more, officials with MADD are asking for your help. Talk with your young driver about the risks of drinking and driving. You can check out the organization’s “Power of Parents” campaign page to get some helpful ideas and tips on how to do so effectively.

Officials with MADD are also working to help to protect the rights of accident victims, too. MADD is asking residents to call or email your United States Representative and ask them to co-sponsor the House Joint Resolution 106 (H. J. Res. 106).

With this amendment, victims would stay more in tune with proceedings. Victims would be notified about preceding details, would be allowed to be present and these proceedings and would be heard on important decisions. As of now, each state has statutory laws in place and also has constitutional amendments to protect the rights of victims. Unfortunately, these laws are ineffective.

In states that offer “strong protection” to victims, less than 60 percent of them are ever notified about a sentencing and less than 40 percent are ever told about the pretrial release of a defendant.

Contact your state rep today to help to get this changed, under House Joint Resolution 106.

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