Man Arrested for DUI on New Years’ Eve Says Everyone Does It

Every year around the holidays, we tend to see more drunk drivers out on the roads. New Year’s Eve probably has more drunk drivers on the road at any given time than any other day during the holiday season. Many people spend the day drinking and watching college football, and then get behind the wheel to drive to a restaurant or party where they will be doing more drinking before driving home. To some it seems like nearly everyone is driving drunk. Safety in numbers is not a defense to drunk driving nor does it make the extremely dangerous conduct any less negligent.

stop-sign-1441648-m.jpgAccording to a recent news report from the Daily Journal, a man was driving just after midnight when he is alleged to have nearly hit a police K9 unit. Police say defendant drove through a stop sign and raced towards the car in front of him. A police officer who witnessed this, turned on his emergency lights and tried to pull over the suspect fearing he would also drive through the upcoming intersection.

Police then say suspect’s car came to a complete stop and the intersection but the car in front of suspect continued through the intersection and made a U-turn. This vehicle turned out to be the K9 officer.

The suspect is said to have initially denied drinking any alcohol that night, but officers noted he had slurred speech, watery and bloodshot eyes and had trouble handing the officer his license and proof of insurance. Officers also say there was an overpowering odor of cologne in the car but they could still detect the smell of alcoholic beverages. When suspect was asked to say the alphabet as a part of field sobriety test, he allegedly could not do it accurately.

When he was taken to the police station, he declined to take a breath test and told officers “It’s New Year’s Eve, everyone drives drunk.” He was cited or charged with drunk driving, refusal to submit to chemical testing and failure to stop at a stop sign.

Boston drunk driving attorneys have seen the consequences of drunk driving many times in the cases they handle. While we all know a lot of people choose to drive drunk, especially on certain holidays, there can be serious consequences for those on the roads and sidewalks of the Commonwealth. People who decided to walk, or ride the T, or to use a designated driver. People who did the right thing and didn’t drive drunk.

It is not only his or her own lives a drunk driver is risking when driving drunk. He or she has decided to risk the safety of others who are doing whatever they can to avoid a drunk driving accident. Taking such a risk is not only irresponsible, but it also constitutes a breach of a driver’s duty of care to act as a reasonable and prudent person to avoid foreseeable injury to foreseeable victims.

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