Drunk Drivers Aren’t Often Honest About Their Alcohol Consumption

Police encounter drunk drivers all the time in the course of their careers, but one Massachusetts state trooper had an experience with an intoxicated driver that was very personal: a drunk driver killed his daughter.

Now, CBS Boston reports that the trooper hopes his daughter’s legacy will prevent other drunk driving accidents from occurring. 571004_in_reminder_of_____.jpg

The trooper’s daughter was five weeks into her first year of college when she was killed by a drunk driver. Her father is telling his daughter’s story to high school students as part of their Mock Drunk Driving Crash. Tragically, his daughter was killed when she got into the car with someone who had been drinking. The driver had said he was sober.

Our Boston drunk driving accident lawyers know that many intoxicated drivers don’t realize just how impaired they really are. Unfortunately, these drivers can be exceptionally dangerous because they don’t realize that they are putting their own lives and the lives of others in jeopardy.

Drunk Driving Dangers When Drivers are Dishonest
According to CBS Boston, the Massachusetts state trooper’s daughter was at a party with her friends on the night of her death. She and her friends got a ride home from another student who was at the party with them. The driver claimed that he had not been drinking at the party.

The trooper’s daughter had no alcohol in her system at the time and she was sitting in the front seat. Unfortunately, the student who was driving her home started to drive recklessly as soon as he was behind the wheel and on the road. His car hit a tree, killing the trooper’s daughter in the front passenger seat.

The drunk driver fled the scene of the accident, but he was subsequently caught. He also tried to leave the hospital three times after the accident. When his blood-alcohol content was tested, it turned out he had three times the legal limit in his system. He was dangerously intoxicated at the time of the accident, which likely directly led to the risky driving behavior.

Unfortunately, this drunk driver was not the first intoxicated person to lie about being sober and he likely will not be the last one. In far too many cases, passengers pay the price for the lies of drunk drivers, losing their lives or suffering serious injury when they get into the car with someone who they believe to be sober.

When an accident like this occurs, the drunk driver is to blame for the incident. Passengers in cars should be able to trust their friends to be sober and not to lie and put their lives in jeopardy. These passengers who are lied to and misled are not at fault for the decisions they make. Still, they can end up losing their lives because they believe someone that they shouldn’t.

As a passenger, therefore, it is very important to remember that you are putting your hands in the life of the person who is driving you home. If you have not been with them and seen first hand that they haven’t had a drink, be absolutely sure that you can trust their word because your life depends on it. If you aren’t certain that the driver is sober or if you have any doubts at all, find an alternate ride home to be on the safe side. The decision could save your life.

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