Don’t Count on Drunk Driving Apps to Decide If You Can Drive

Drunk driving apps can be installed on your smart phone in order to help you avoid an arrest for driving while impaired by alcohol. Some apps also alert you to the location of drunk driving checkpoints in order to avoid being stopped by the police and potentially given a sobriety test. While these phone apps can be useful and it is a good thing for people to be concerned about whether they are over the limit, safety experts and law enforcement officials warn against r relying too much on the apps to make the decision about whether you are sober enough to drive.

The reality is that an app on your smart phone that tests your BAC is not a certified chemical test and may not be as accurate as an official breath or blood test administered by police. When it comes to apps like DUI Checkpoint Finder, these programs are even worse since they might help you skirt the law and avoid being stopped for drunk driving. But they are not going to stop you from potentially getting into an accident and hurting yourself or others. If you do cause a collision, you can face civil and criminal charges. A drunk driving injury attorney represents victims and helps obtain compensation from intoxicated motorists.

Drunk Driving Apps Shouldn’t Make Your Decisions For You

March Madness is a time of year when there are a lot of viewing parties for basketball games where alcohol is served. People who attend these parties may turn to drunk driving apps to help them decide if they are OK to drive. Drunk driving phone apps have also become a novelty that people can pass around a bar or a party.

Unfortunately, these apps can give drinkers a false sense of security because they may appear to be under the limit based on the test results but may actually be affected by the alcohol to the point where it is not safe to be behind the wheel. Some people might use the test as justification to drive, even if they feel a little out-of-it or are worried about possibly getting pulled over.

The reality is, alcohol affects everyone differently and you may have a low BAC but if you drive erratically, police can still pull you over and site you for driving under the influence. Failing field sobriety tests and otherwise acting impaired can indicate to law enforcement that you are not safe to drive. If police believe you are too affected by alcohol to drive safely, you can be arrested for DUI even in cases where your BAC is below .08.

Rather than relying on a phone app, you should make smart decisions based on your own knowledge of your alcohol use in order to decide if driving is a smart choice. The best bet, for the most part, is always to avoid drinking at all if you are going to get behind the wheel. Instead of using your phone apps to convince yourself to drive when you are in doubt about whether you are drunk, you can use it to call a taxi cab instead to get home safely.

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