Boston Marathon Runner Killed By Drunk Driver

The Boston Marathon bombing has generated heart wrenching stories about athletes, loved ones, married couples, parents, children and others impacted by the tragedy. In another news story that made fewer headlines leading up to this year’s race, a Boston Marathon runner was killed by a drunk driver only months before the race. According to the Washington Post, the accident happened in January, while a Virginia couple was training for the Boston Marathon. The couple had three children and found running together to be a positive way to spend time together after their children left for school.


This was another preventable drunk driving tragedy, which too often impact the lives of families and communities nationwide. Our Boston drunk driving injury attorneys are committed to raising awareness and protecting victims and families. We understand the gravity of these cases and take strategic efforts to hold individuals and entities accountable in the event of injury or wrongful death.

A couple was training for the Boston Marathon, running single file against traffic. Around 8 in the morning, a Toyota Sequoia driven by a physician who was allegedly drunk, veered of the road while he was rounding a curve. The husband jumped out of the way, but his wife who was running behind him did not have time to react and was struck by the drunk driver. She was aided by emergency responders but pronounced dead two hours later.

The alleged drunk driver lost his wife in a head-on collision in 2004 and is battling leukemia. Following the death of his wife, he recovered $7.7 million in damages. He is raising the couple’s three children as well as two children from his wife’s previous marriage. At the time of the accident, his blood alcohol registered at .11, over the legal limit.

It is unknown whether the victims’ family will pursue damages against the drunk driver or any additional entities that may have been responsible for the accident. In this case, the victim’s family could be entitled to significant damages for their personal and financial losses. In any case involving suspected drunk driving, an experienced advocate should review the case and pursue every course of action available for victims and families.

Though he had not registered for the race, the victim’s husband decided to run the race in her name and honor. He is also encouraged by tens of thousands of runners who have rallied support through Facebook. He wore her 2012 Boston Marathon bib/paper assigned with her number and harnessed his love, emotions, and memories as encouragement and support as he climbed the hills and raced towards the finish line. A tribute now marks the intersection where she was killed with running shoes, tied to post in memoriam of a wife, a mother, and an athlete.

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