Walpole Bartenders Encouraged to Look For Heroes To Fight Drunk Driving

On November 20, 2012, Wicked Local Walpole published an article reporting that police in Walpole, Mass. were encouraging bartenders to “look for heroes.” The request was made as part of a month-long national campaign to encourage designated drivers and to reduce the risk of drunk driving accidents.

Our Boston drunk driving accident lawyers commend the efforts of the Walpole police in encouraging bars and restaurants to reward designated drivers. The Look for Heroes campaign is an important way to draw attention to the life-saving role played by designated drivers and those going out celebrating this holiday season should be on the lookout for bars that are participating. 768117_enjoy_a_coke.jpg

Understanding the HERO Campaign to Stop Drunk Driving
The police request that bartenders recognize “heroes,” is part of a national campaign started by a New Jersey family who lost their son in a tragic drunk driving accident. The idea behind the campaign is that bartenders or servers should identify a person in each group of patron who is the designated driver for the group. The server should then provide free water and soft drinks to the designated driver so that he or she is not encouraged to drink alcohol and so he is rewarded and recognized for the role he is playing in getting his friends home safe.

Walpole police who are participating in the Hero campaign began a letter writing project in Mid-November requesting that pubs in the town both participate and display a decal in their windows alerting customers to the fact that they are participating. According to Wicked Locale Walpole, Deputy Police Chief John Carmichael believes that the hero campaign could help to improve business and could be a further push to eliminate drunk driving in Massachusetts.

Many bars in the area are expected to participate since most already do their part to try to stop drunk driving. One bar manager indicated that it was their policy to keep an eye on patrons and to provide a cab for those who have had too much to drink, paid for at the expense of the bar. This helps to ensure that no one drinks and drives.

Designated Drivers Save Lives
The hero campaign is so named because it is believed that designated drivers are heroes. By helping people to get home, they could save not only the lives of their friends but also the lives of innocent patrons on the road who could be hit by a drunk driver.

Anyone who is going out drinking should bring a designated driver to remove the temptation to drink. This is true even if a person is having only a few drinks, since many of the arrests in Walpole are reportedly made after a driver has three or four drinks and believes he is sober enough to drive. With a designated driver, the worry about whether you are sober enough to drive or not is eliminated and there is no risk to innocent victims of losing their lives in a drunk driving accident.

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