Relative of Drunk Driving Victim Issues Warning to the Community

In 2010, a drunk driver was involved in a hit-and-run crash in Worcester. The hit and run crash caused a fatality and the drunk driver is now out on parole. Concerned about the drunk driver’s history of DUI convictions and hoping to save other families from the grief of losing a loved one, the son of the deceased victim has taken matters into his own hands.

According to CBS Boston, the son of the victim has sent out thousands of post cards to Millbury and Sutton residents because the paroled drunk driver lives in the area. The postcards have a picture of the drunk driver along with a warning urging everyone to call 911 if the drunk driver is spotted driving. 1231362_sign_no_alcohol.jpg

Our Massachusetts drunk driving accident attorneys understand the devastation that a drunk driver can cause and we understand the motivations of the son of the deceased victim is issuing a warning to others. We hope that the driver who caused the crash will refrain from doing anything to harm anyone else and we hope that residents will be mindful of the warning on the postcards and will contact law enforcement if they see dangerous behavior on the road.

Taking Action to Stop Drunk Drivers
The post cards sent to warn residents of the paroled drunk driver include not just a picture of the man but also a listing of his prior motor vehicle convictions as well as orders from the judge mandating that he refrain from drinking and driving. The son of the man who was killed hopes that residents will be alerted by the post cards and will be able to call law enforcement before the driver can drive drunk and hurt anyone else. While this may seem like extreme behavior to some, the fact is convicted drunk drivers are far more likely to cause a serious or fatal accident than a driver who has no alcohol-related driving convictions on his record.

CBS Boston asked Millbury Police Chief Mark Moore about the postcards and the police chief indicated that this effort was the first of its kind that he had seen. However, the police chief also indicted that the information on the post card is both accurate and available through public record.

The drunk driver’s probation will last until 2022 and, based on his past actions, there is strong precedent suggesting he may not necessarily follow the requirements and refrain from drinking and driving. The drunk driver has violated probation in the past, prompting a judge to order both a GPS monitor as well as a device that checks blood alcohol remotely. These devices must be worn until probation ends.

The postcards will hopefully serve as another deterrent to prevent the man from drinking and driving again and as another means of enforcing his probation. When the community gets involved and stands up against drunk drivers who put others in danger, hopefully this will be enough to get the dangerous driver to change his ways once and for all.

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