More Drunk Drivers Busted through 2nd Phase of “The Surge”

Our Massachusetts personal injury lawyers have been talking about the increase in patrols in the Boston area to target drunk drivers. In our last drunk driving accident blog, we reported that nearly 10 people were busted for driving while drunk over the first weekend of “The Surge.”

During the second phase of the enforcement effort, there were another 10 people busted, according to the Boston Herald. In addition to the drunk driving busts, officers made more than 15 other arrests, issued more than 10 summons and handed out nearly 485 motor-vehicle citations.
“This past weekend was the second week of The Surge,” said officials with the Massachusetts State Police.

We understand that, despite all of the enforcement efforts, there was still a drunk driving accident over the weekend. According to officers, a drunk driver smashed into an officer’s cruiser. No injuries were reported. The 48-year-old driver allegedly slammed into an officer’s cruiser in Fall River along Route 195. The intoxicated driver has been charged with driving a motor vehicle that does not meet safety standards, failure to move over for an emergency vehicle, leaving the scene of a property-damage crash, negligent operation of a motor vehicle and for driving under the influence.

As we said before, officers are targeting both Route 195 and Route 24. The increased effort is planned to go until the end of September and is costing officials nearly $130,000. Officers proclaim that you can’t put a price on the safety of motorists and they’ll stop at nothing to get the irresponsible and dangerous drivers off of our streets

Officers say that they expect to complete this patrol just as strong as they started. They said it’s about both enforcement and deterrence. Officers say that they’re going to take back the roads and fight for safe and innocent motorists by targeting the intoxicated, drunk, aggressive and negligent drivers who show complete disregard for the safety of other.

In 2010, there were nearly 115 people who were killed in alcohol-related car accidents in the state of Massachusetts. Alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for about 1.7 fatalities per 100,000 population, according to The Century Council. Of the drivers who were involved in these fatal accidents, more than 72 percent of them reported a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or .15 or higher.

Drunk Driving Arrest Data, 2010:

-Nearly 80 people under the age of 18-years-old were arrested for driving under the influence.

-Nearly 12,000 people were arrested for driving under the influence.

-There were close to 1,000 people under the age of 18-years-old arrested for violating liquor laws.

-More than 230 people under the age of 18-years-old were arrested for drunkenness.

-More than 7,440 people over the age of 18-years-old were arrested for drunkenness.

Drivers are asked to be careful out there. There is never and excuse to get behind the wheel after consuming any amount of alcohol. Be safe, be responsible and help to save lives.

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