MADD Offers Tips on Avoiding Drunk Driving for Prom, Graduation

Prom night is a right of passage enjoyed by teens throughout the United States. Unfortunately, prom night is also a time when bad things can happen. The same holds true through the upcoming graduation season. One primary risk kids face comes from drunk driving. 160351_students_prom.jpg

As our Boston drunk driving accident lawyers know, there are zero tolerance laws in place designed to stop young people from having a drink and getting behind the wheel. These laws, unfortunately, don’t always work the way they should and kids tend to drink anyway. This is especially true around certain special occasions such as prom and graduation.

The Dangers of Alcohol on Prom Night
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has attempted to address head-on the dangers that kids face as a result of the temptation to drink and drive around prom night. MADD has tackled this issue as part of its Prom-oting Safe Behavior Campaign.

On its Promoting Safe Behavior website, MADD urges teens to understand that drinking alcohol is not a prerequisite to good memories. In fact, drinking is not necessary to have a good time at all and can result in tragic consequences.

When a person drinks, MADD points out, good judgment disappears as the alcohol makes its impact on the body. An intoxicated person is more likely to make bad decisions such as getting into fights or having unprotected and/or unplanned sexual encounters. An intoxicated person is also more likely to drive drunk himself or to get into the car with someone who is driving drunk. The impaired judgment caused by the alcohol will then make an accident far more likely to occur.

These consequences of intoxication will only get worse the more someone drinks. A person who drinks a lot can start to black out and may not be in control of his or her actions at all. It is entirely possible that a person who has blacked out will remember nothing of what occurred the next day once the alcohol is out of his system. Still, those who are blacked out can continue to walk, talk, and even drive, all while they have no control at all over their bodies because of the alcohol.

Teens who have had large amounts to drink and who have blacked out present the greatest menace behind the wheel. However, any drunk teen puts himself and others in danger.

Preventing Drunken Accidents
Prom night and graduation are never worth losing a life over. Parents should talk to their kids about the dangers of drunk driving and should work out some basic ground rules that must be followed so that everyone can stay safe. While drinking should never be encouraged, the plan could, for example, involve a rented limo so that if someone does drink, it won’t be tempting for that person to drive home.

Planning alcohol-free activities is also a good idea for parents who wish to minimize the chances of a drunk driving crash. These types of activities allow kids to have fun without the risks associated with driving drunk.

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