Football Season! Don’t Let Your Tailgate Get Out of Hand!

Remember the accident last year in which the driver of a U-Haul truck full of kegs of beer ran right into a 30-year-old woman from Massachusetts, killing her and injuring two others? As we recently reported on our Boston Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Blog, that occurred at a Harvard-Yale tailgate party.

With the football season here once again, these risks are back, too.
With the football season and with tailgate parties, we see football fans who drink too much and who continue to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Football and booze go hand-in-hand. During the start of this year’s season, we’re asking all fans to behave responsibly and to make sure that there is always a designated driver. There should never be a reason to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

Our Boston drunk driving accident lawyers understand that football season gets pretty intense here in the state of Massachusetts. We’ve got so many team rivalries all fighting for the same thing — the win and the championship. Each university has its own restrictions and regulations for tailgaters but not all of them work universally. At Harvard specifically, there is no tailgating allowed in the HBS parking lots. Commercial vehicles, such as U-Hauls, Winnebagos and RV’s aren’t even allowed to park in the parking facility.

Make sure you check out, review and share all of the rules and the regulations regarding tailgate parties at the schools you’ll be visiting before game day. It’s a small step you can make to help to safely kickoff college game day!

Harvard Tailgating:

-Tailgating is permitted within the Soldier Field Athletic Complex.

-University Police remind fans that rules are strictly enforced.

-You’re allowed to park and tailgate within the athletic complex, but not within the parking lot of the Harvard Business School.

-Parking lots will be open two hours before the game for tailgating.

-No one is allowed to tailgate once the game has begun.

-Each vehicle can use up only one parking spot. The area right behind the vehicle can be used for tailgating.

-Never block more than one parking spot or the parking rows.

-Corporate sampling, promotional and give-a-way vehicles are required to have written permission from the Harvard Athletic Marketing before they’re allowed to enter any parking lot.

-Kegs and other alcoholic items that might promote the rapid over-consumption of alcohol are not allowed on the campus or at any event.

-Tailgaters are allowed to use only charcoal grills. You can only have a propane gas cylinder that is no larger than 20 pounds.

Again, we know that everyone is excited for this year’s festivities to kick off and we recognize that tailgating for these games is one of the area’s most cherished pastimes. We’re asking all fans and athletic supporters to celebrate and tailgate responsibly to make sure that our sporting family stays safe!

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