Alleged Drunk Driver in Stoneham Wrecks Police Cruiser

A recent car accident in Stoneham, killed an innocent woman and ended up causing a second accident. Just seconds later at the scene of the first accident, an alleged drunk driver slammed into and demolished a responding officer’s vehicle, according to the Boston Globe.

These kinds of accidents, and the frequency with which were seeing them, is a big sign of what we can continue to expect through the spring travel season.
The first accident happened when a woman slammed her vehicle into a truck that was stopped in the breakdown lane of I-93. A police officer and a tow truck responded. Not much later, the drunk driver slammed into the police cruiser. According to David Procopio, State Police spokesman, the tow truck and the police vehicle had their emergency lights on at the time of the second collision.

Our Massachusetts drunk driving car accident attorneys understand that the woman involved in the first accident was pronounced dead at the scene. It was right after her fatal accident that the drunk driver slammed into the entire mess only making it worse. The passenger of the woman’s vehicle was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital and was treated for serious injuries.

After the accident, law enforcement officers were forced to shut down the right two lanes of I-93 to clean up the mess. According to the spokesman, the officer’s vehicle and the tow truck were parked in a separate area that was marked off with warning cones and an addition arrow board. The intoxicated drivers failed to acknowledge those cones, plowed right through them and right into the officer’s vehicle and the tow truck. The driver was arrested and was charged with drunk driving.

Luckily, the trooper and the operator of the tow truck were not in the vehicles when they were struck.

The intoxicated motorist was arrested and was transported to the State Police barracks in Medford. The passenger of the man’s vehicle was transported to a local hospital in Burlongton and treated for minor injuries.

After being arrested, the drunk driver complained of chest pains. Officials took him to the Massachusetts General Hospital. Once released from the hospital, he will be arraigned at the Woburn District Court.

During the spring travel season we can expect roadways to be busy. We can also expect more intoxicated drivers during this time. Students are celebrating time away from school, others are enjoying some exiting spring vacations, and residents are getting out and enjoying the pleasant weather. With the increase in traffic, we can expect an increase in the risks for accidents. Be careful out there. Stay sober behind the wheel and keep an eye out for dangerous drivers. Always practice defensive driving habits to help keep yourself out of harm’s way.

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