Boston Drivers Urged to Stay Sober on the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a dangerous time for drunk drivers. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 161 people were killed in intoxicated driving collisions just over the Fourth of July weekend in 2011. This was a 70 percent increase in the average number of drunk driving fatalities per day. dry-zone-553050-m.jpg

While Independence Day is a time for barbeques, fireworks and picnics with friends, it does not have to be a time when motorists take their lives into their hands and get behind the wheel drunk. Motorists should make the smart choice this holiday season to stay sober and avoid intoxicated driving so they don’t hurt or kill themselves or someone else on the road. Victims who are injured by an intoxicated driver need to understand their legal rights and should contact a Boston drunk driving accident attorney for help.

Sobriety Essential Over the Fourth of July Weekend

Drunken accidents are a risk not only on the roads but also on boats as well over the Fourth of July holiday. The United States Coast Guard has indicated that alcohol use was the top contributing factor in boating accident deaths in 2012 and was the cause of around 17 percent of fatal accidents. has provided safety tips for the Fourth of July to help encourage people to stay safe. One of the most important tips is to consume alcohol responsibly in order to avoid getting pulled over and arrested for drunk driving or, worse, causing a collision.

The best way to ensure you don’t hurt yourself or someone else is to line up a designated driver for your vehicle or your boat in advance of heading out to holiday festivities. The designated driver should make a commitment to not having anything to drink at all over the course of the day or night. also urges motorists and partygoers to know their limits. Drinking too much could cause you to make unsafe decisions like getting into a car or onto a boat with someone who is not fit to operate the vehicle.

Those who have Fourth of July parties or who host holiday gatherings should also do their part to help stop drunk people from getting on the road. Limit the amount of alcohol that is available when it gets close to the time for guests to leave and consider having people stay over if you know there will be a lot of drinking. Don’t let guests leave your home drunk or you could be held legally liable under the state’s social host laws if the drunk guest causes a motor vehicle collision and someone gets hurt.

Those who celebrate the Fourth should be aware that police both on roadways and officers on waterways will be on the lookout for intoxicated drivers over the holiday weekend. Increased law enforcement presence and drunk driving roadblocks could be used to help identify intoxicated drivers before they hurt themselves or others.

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