Alcohol Consumption at Massachusetts Tailgating Events Increases Risk of Alcohol-Related Accidents

A tailgating accident at a recent Harvard-Yale football game ended in deadly disaster. The Harvard Crimson reports a U-Haul truck came barreling into a crowd of people who were tailgating prior to the game. The truck driven by a Yale student struck three women prior to running into another U-Haul parked nearby. A Massachusetts woman died from the incident while another woman was seriously injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Some are now speculating why U-Hauls are permitted at over-crowded events where numerous people are hanging out and drinking. In 2004, Harvard banned the use of U-Hauls at Harvard-Yale tailgates but Yale University school administrators have not adopted that same regulation.
Tailgating accidents at Massachusetts sporting events often are a direct result of too much alcohol consumption by one or all parties involved. Alcohol and sporting events seem to go hand-in-hand but tailgaters are reminded to act responsibly in order to avoid an alcohol-related accident. Not only can an incident get out of hand while tailgating when alcohol is involved but motorists are also put at risk of a drunk-driving accident when tailgaters leave the event.

Boston drunk driving accident attorneys understand that emotions can be intense at rivalry football games like Yale-Harvard and that students get extra pumped up to support their school’s team. Tailgates are generally pretty disorganized and difficult to monitor for safety. Each university has its own regulations and restrictions for tailgaters but not all of them work universally.

For example, some universities may ban U-Hauls but permit RV’s or large buses to park amongst tailgaters. Some football stadiums require a long walk from the parking lots to attend the games, so students may drink excessively beforehand to avoid returning to their vehicles at halftime. Other tailgaters may exit the stadium at halftime to consume food and even more alcohol.

In a follow-up story, the Huffington Post reports that U-Haul officials are outraged that a truck malfunction is being argued as the cause of the Yale student running into the three women involved in the accident. Witnesses state the driver sped up as he entered the crowded parking lot. The U-Haul truck has been impounded into police custody while a full investigation will be conducted that could take weeks or even months to complete. The U-Haul company stands by its principals that safety and compliance with federal regulations are its top priorities. The defendant passed a field sobriety test but police officials found beer kegs inside the vehicle at the time of the accident.

College football season may be coming to a close but the Patriots are well on their way to home field advantage throughout the playoffs and a potential Super Bowl match-up in 2012. We encourage all sports fans to drink responsibly and designate a driver to avoid an alcohol-related accident while supporting your favorite team.

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